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Pumpkin Butter Pecan Ice Cream

You might be looking at this bowl of Pumpkin Butter Pecan Ice Cream and thinking I’ve just loaded it up with all of those scoops for the picture. And, honestly, you are right. However, I’m kind of willing to bet that between the two of us, my husband and I ate that much straight out of the container the other night. It’s amazing how quickly those spoons keep going back for more! But seriously? This […]

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Almond Cherry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Oh….hello.  Just me with another summer ice cream recipe to ruin your diet.  This Almond Cherry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream combines three of our favorite flavors in one creamy, decadent ice cream.  Needless to say, it was a huge hit with my family. Local cherries are on right now and they are as delicious as ever.  We could eat them (and we do) by the pound.  Besides homemade cherry pie, my husband likes them churned […]

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Kitchen Q&A: Custard Base For Ice Cream

Wonderful Ingrid left a comment asking the following question regarding ice cream: Lindsey, I have a question…when making the custard do you remove it from the heat as soon as it hits 160 or after it hits 160, coats the back of a spoon, AND you can leave a trail? I know this can be confusing–even if you are a seasoned custard maker. I find that checking the temperature is more accurate than coating the […]

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Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Desserts

Three days until Turkey Day!  I’m hosting my husband’s family this year.  They don’t know it yet, but I’m doing a gluten-free menu.  I think they’ll love it.  I’ve been experimenting with my recipes to get everything just right. The one thing I haven’t decided on yet is dessert.  My mother-in-law is bringing a big store-bought pumpkin pie, and my husband will be spending Wednesday making his famous doctored mincemeat pie (recipe forthcoming for those […]

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